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Mass Timber
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Structural Panels

Rough sawn logs form an interesting material to work with due to their irregular finish and geometry. Logs in their raw form are often used in traditional North American log home framing.

On our Bertram Creek Amphitheatre project, we used rough Lodgepole Pine columns and accurately milled in daps and connections for beams framing into the columns.

On several of our past projects we have used 'peeler cores', the remaining wood cores of logs after plywood veneers have been peeled off. The low cost and compression capacity of these members create a unique product which uses an otherwise waste product to create an efficient structural element.

We often use our timber lathe (one of the largest in North America) to turn logs and other timber materials including PSL and Glulam.

Lodgepole Pine, Douglas Fir, many other species

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