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LSL Panels

Like LSL beams and columns, LSL panels (Laminated Strand Lumber) are made by shredding wood from fast-growing, low-value hardwood logs, such as aspen, birch and poplar into thin strands. These are oriented for maximum strength and glued together into long billets using a steam-injection process. Standard available width is 4ft, however contact us about wider panels (up to 8ft).

LSL panels provide an excellent option for diaphragm applications. Due to the somewhat random strand arrangement, LSL panels provide a unique architectural aesthetic.

Our LSL Fabrication and Procurement Process

We procure LSL from a North American producer and can meet the volume and quality requirements of any job. Machining and milling of holes is sometimes performed at the producers plant based on our carefully detailed fabrication drawings and CNC machine files, and the product is shipped straight to site. Other times the panels are shipped to our shop for further fitting of steel connections to speed up site erection.

Aspen, Birch, and Poplar
1500kg CO2 sequestered per tonne
Panel Dimensions
Max 8' x 64' (2.4 x 19.5m)
Panel Thickness
1-3/4" - 4" (44-102mm)
Planed, Band Sawn, Factory Sealed
Uniform depth only. Large radii achievable

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