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Laminated Veneer Lumber

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams and columns are made of layers from 'peeler logs' glued together, and are very similar to plywood - except there are no cross-layers, all layers are oriented with grain in the same direction. This gives LVL elements a very high strength in their spanning direction. Engineered to precise design values and with a high strength-to-weight ratio, LVL elements are suitable for long spans and high loads. LVL is more uniform than sawn timber and less likely to warp, split, bow, or shrink.

LVL is also starting to be used in panel format for walls and floors - see LVL Panels.

Many species including Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Western Hemlock, Eucalyptus, Yellow Poplar, Red Maple, and Southern Pine
1471kg CO2 sequestered per tonne
Cross Section
1.75"-5.25" wide, up to 4ft deep
Limited only by shipping constraints
Planed, Sanded, Factory Sealed
Straight and Radii perpendicular to laminations possible.
Curves in plane of lamination possible with CNC profiling and nesting.

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