DowelLam™ – DLT

The First All Wood Mass Timber Panel in North America – no glue, no nails

Greater Possibilities with DLT Timber

The First All-Wood Mass Timber Panel

DowelLam (Dowel Laminated Timber – DLT Timber) is the first all wood mass timber panel in North America, providing architects, engineers, and developers greater versatility in designing with mass timber.

Our vision at StructureCraft is to support architects, engineers, and developers to create beautiful and cost-efficient mass timber structures and buildings with the best available materials. Launching this new product helps support our vision to increase the use of wood in construction.

The Future of Engineered Wood

Why Architects and Builders Love DLT

DowelLam is a mass timber product
that can be used for floor, wall, and roof structures.

Profile Flexibility

  • A wide variety of surface profiles can be integrated inexpensively into the bottom surface of the panel
  • An acoustic profile can achieve noise reduction objectives, while keeping the wood exposed
  • Dimensionally accurate panel through panel planing and CNC machining


As an all-wood mass timber product, DowelLam does not contain any glue (aside from a minute amount of glue used for finger jointing), chemicals, VOCs, or metal nails. The exclusion of glue and nails allows a healthier indoor air quality as there is no off-gassing. The timber we use is from sustainably managed forests and locks in carbon dioxide, acting as a carbon sink.

1655kg CO2 sequestered per tonne.

All Wood

  • DowelLam is the only all-wood mass timber product
  • With no nails or metal fasteners, DowelLam panels can be easily processed using CNC machinery and allow on site modifications


DowelLam is less expensive to fabricate than other glued products like Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), and will come in at a lower price point. Some of the contributing factors to this cost advantage include:

  • Lower manufacturing cost – due to high speed production and removal of need for gluing and associated cure times
  • Less volume of material due to structural efficiency
  • Reduced labor required on site from pre-manufacturing
  • Reduced installation time with a 'kit of parts'

Featured DLT Projects

The Soto

The Soto

  • A 6-story, 120,000sqft mass timber commercial office
  • 5 stories of timber structure over 1 storey of concrete

111 East Grand

East Grand

  • The first DLT office building in North America
  • A 4-story, 65,000sqft mass timber office building

T3 Atlanta

T3 Atlanta

  • 7-story, 205,000sqft mass timber office building
  • The gravity system is comprised of DLT floor and roof panels

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

First Dowel Laminated Timber project in North America

  • The first DLT project to be built in North America
  • The timber structure is comprised of DLT roof panels on a Glulam post and beam substructure. The DLT panels utilize an architectural kerf cut profile on the exposed underside surface, which provides a clean shadow reveal at every board.




Technical Details

Structural Performance

The structural design of each lamination in a panel is covered by both the IBC and NBCC applicable grading NLGA rules. As each structurally finger-jointed board spans between structural supports, the dowels do not serve a significant structural purpose, but hold the boards tightly to ensure dimensional stability.

Fire Safety

In heavy timber construction, there is sufficient mass of wood that a char layer can form, insulating the remaining wood from heat penetration. Classified as heavy timber, DowelLam is able to achieve fire resistance ratings of up to 2 hours.

Weather Protection

Weather protection during construction is an important consideration in installation of a mass timber building. Prefabricating DowelLam panels with sheathing already installed helps in the prevention of moisture intrusion and mold growth if the panels get wet.

Several options are available to protect the panels from water during construction. For roof panels, membranes (torch-on or peel’n’stick) can be pre-applied in shop. For best performance, StructureCraft has developed a weatherproofing system using the ZIP system OSB panels and tape to create a weather-resistant top surface to the DLT panels.

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