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Laminated Strand Lumber

LSL beams and columns are made by shredding wood from fast-growing, low-value hardwood logs, such as aspen, birch and poplar into thin strands. These are oriented for maximum strength and glued together into 8 foot by 64 foot “billets" using a steam-injection process which was patented by MacMillan Bloedel.

Due to the material uniformity created by random orientation of the timber strands, LSL offers good connection strength and ductility - it is not prone to splitting failures at connections like sawn timber or Glulam. LSL is manufactured from shorter strands than PSL - about 1 foot long compared to the 2-8 foot long strands used in PSL.

LSL is also starting to be used in panel format for walls and floors - see LSL Panels.

Aspen, Birch, and Poplar
1500kg CO2 sequestered per tonne
Cross Section
1.75" - 4" (45-100mm) thick, up to 7'-10" (2.4m) deep
Max 64ft (19.5m)
Planed, Sanded, Factory Sealed

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