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LVL Panels

Vertically laminated veneer lumber (LVL) panels are made from “peeler logs" in the same production lines as LVL beams. Engineered to precise design values and with a very high strength-to-weight ratio, LVL panels are suitable for structural wall, floor and roof applications. With increasing interest in mass timber use for diaphragm applications (floors, roofs, walls), manufacturers are beginning to position LVL in full sheet format, and some interesting configurations involve laminating LVL beams side-to-side to make thin, solid panels - exposing the veneer end grain instead of the face grain.

The LVL manufacturing process of veneering and gluing enables large members to be made from smaller trees, creating efficient utilisation of wood fibre. Scarf joints (chamfer cuts) create joints between sections of veneers. In typical manufacture, all veneers are laid up so the grain direction is the same in all veneers. In so-called 'Q' and 'T' lay-ups, some veneers are laid so that their grain is contrary to the grain direction most of the veneers, giving rigidity to the LVL so it does not warp and twist.

Our LVL Fabrication and Procurement Process

We procure LVL from a North American producer and can meet the volume and quality requirements of any job. Machining and milling of holes is sometimes performed at the producers plant based on our carefully detailed fabrication drawings and CNC machine files, and the product is shipped straight to site. Other times the panels are shipped to our shop for further fitting of steel connections to speed up site erection.

Douglas Fir
1471kg CO2 sequestered per tonne
Panel Dimensions
4' x 60'-3" (1.2x18.4m)
Panel Thickness
3-1/8" - 11-1/2" (80-292mm)
Planed, Sanded, Factory Finished.
Uniform depth only. Freeform shapes not possible
Typically all veneers oriented with grain parallel to span.

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