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Cross Laminated Timber – CLT

StructureCraft works with architects, developers, and builders, to create beautiful mass timber structures using materials such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Cross laminated timber (CLT) panels are formed by stacking and gluing together successive perpendicular layers of wood. The layered stacks are then pressed in large hydraulic or vacuum presses to form an interlocked panel. The panel is then sized and shaped with a Computer Numerically Control (CNC) machine into a fully construction-ready component. The number of layers in a panel can range from three to seven or more. Panels can be prefabricated with door and window openings, plus routings for electrical and mechanical systems, before shipment to site.

By the nature of its cross-layered design, CLT is dimensionally stable and has inherent load-bearing and shear strength – it can serve as a material for both vertical and horizontal assembly applications. Since wall, floor and roof sections made of CLT are formed off-site in a factory, it allows for a much shorter on-site construction time. CLT can be used as a primary building block in structural systems for low-rise to mid-rise buildings as an alternative to concrete or steel. With recent advances in codes, mass timber construction is reaching greater heights and can be designed for in high rise buildings such as the Framework 12-story building.

Our Delivery Method

We can deliver mass timber projects of any size across the USA and Canada. Our global supply chain allows us to procure CLT from both local North American and European producers. CLT can be certified to APA PRG-320 if required. We work with you early during design as your complete delivery partner for the project. Our experienced structural engineers are licensed in many states and provinces, often providing Engineer of Record services as experienced designers with timber and other materials. Our in-house 3D modelling and BIM technicians provide leading edge structural models and facilitate seamless coordination of shop drawings. CLT can either be shipped directly to site from the manufacturer, or further detailed in our 50,000 sf. shop. Our skilled craftsmen ensure quality and precision on every aspect. Experienced project managers coordinate logistics and installation services as required to deliver your project on time and on budget.

3D Modelling

We 3D model each project, and BIM is central to our entire workflow. Our models translate directly to machine CNC files. Our skilled Design team uses an in-house CAD-based software for standard mass timber structures, or Rhino and Grasshopper for complex structures. In the design phase, we parametrically model each project to allow for quick design collaboration and coordination. Click through to Sketchfab to see our entire repository of 3D models.

CLT Fabrication

Using our detailed fabrication drawings and CNC machine files, machining and milling of the panels is typically performed at the CLT producer’s plant. The product is then shipped straight to site or shipped to our shop for further cutting or pre-assembly of steel connections to speed up site erection.

For custom applications, we are able to fabricate mechanically-fastened CLT using carefully engineered fastening patterns rather than adhesives and pressure.

SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir), Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine, other species.
1643kg CO2 sequestered per tonne
Panel Dimensions
North American producers: max 3.0x19.5m
European producers: max 3.5x24m
Panel Thickness
North American producers: 3"-12" (78-314mm)
European producers: 2.5"-16" (60-400mm)
Planed, Sanded; Sealed in our shop as required
Uniform depth only. Freeform shapes not possible
Fastening Systems
Glued, Edge Glued, or Mechanically Fastened
APA PRG-320 (North American CLT)
EAD 130005-00-0304 (European CLT)

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