Abbotsford Industrial Shop and Office - Featured in Wood Design & Building

An article from Wood Design & Build magazine on our newly designed and constructed facility:

To house the manufacturing operations of its new Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) product, and to efficiently facilitate the realization of the creative timber designs they are known for, StructureCraft sought to design a new cost-effective, aesthetically attractive facility which would fairly reflect the philosophy of the company in both the choice of materials and the construction techniques. The building is a showcase for a new way to construct industrial buildings, using wood as the primary material.

Timber Facility - StructureCraft Timber Engineers

The just-completed 51,500-sq.ft facility is located one hour east of Vancouver, on a perch of land with views to the lush Fraser Valley and mountains beyond, a location reminiscent of the central European “holzbau” industries it draws inspiration from. The building is all wood, including supports for the four large cranes facilitating production.

StructureCraft - Mass Timber Engineering & Build

The main workshop is a 45,000-sq.ft. manufacturing and fabrication building – 324 feet long, split into two 60-ft. bays. The north bay services fabrication of the ongoing project-based work consisting of a great variety of beams, trusses, and panels; the south bay is dedicated to the new DLT line which houses the latest in European equipment, including the world’s largest and fastest dowel-pressing machine.

Wrapped around the southeastern corner of the shop is a two-story expandable office structure, also in exposed timber, in which engineering, 3D BIM, and project management is carried out for projects spanning North America and Asia.

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