Flashback - Varscona Theatre, Edmonton

Project Overview

StructureCraft completed the installation of the timber structure of the new Varscona Theatre in Edmonton almost two years ago (Fall 2015) - but we thought it would be interesting to do a little write up on it considering it isn't every day you run into a theatre renewal utilizing wood as its primary material.

The original concept for the main building was originally steel, however the idea to include timber as an option came up during a random meeting in design stage - and became reality after few months of discussions.


The original brick walls encapsulate more than half of the building, and the use of wood made the installation of a new structure on top of (and into) this original building easier - due to the lighter weight of the elements.

The superstructure frame is comprised of Glulam, and the floor, roof panels, and seating support system are all NLT (nail laminated timber).

This unique project allowed for new ideas in several areas, such as curved NLT (below), and different connection configurations allowing for easier installation through higher levels of prefabrication.

For a 3D model, and some more pictures and details, click through to our project page.

Also from the Varscona Theatre Site, http://www.varsconatheatre.com/varscona-rennovations2