New StructureCraft Website is Launched

By David Campbell,

It is quite a process, this act of crafting a new website. In many ways, it mirrors those steps we take with our clients towards realizing the vision of signature structures. Allow me to expand on this notion …

Long before the unveiling, or the form taking shape, prior to the testing and gathering of ideas, before the early sketches on a napkin, first, there is the seeking out. That time of searching and interviewing for the right collaborator, the partner whose references and body of work check out, one with whom you have synergy, the one whose expertise can be trusted.

Now begins the creative process, starting with the concept phase that includes brainstorming sessions where ideas are volleyed and forms start to take shape. This may involve simple modifications to well-planned details in a design-assist role, or it could be a full design interaction that brings a new plan into place. A well-informed partner knows their place in this process and fully respects the needs of the client.

Testing the ideas and sketches in the modeling phase helps put meat on the bones and flushes out any extraneous ideas, bringing more focus and structure to the plan. Through back and forth dialog, the big picture is refined and readied for engineering.

As the final step in the planning process, the fully developed model is subjected to a full engineering review. During this critical process, a step that separates top-notch professionals from their competitors, testing for soundness and functionality of the design occurs. With the results confirmed, the constructability of the project is verified and you can move confidently into the production phase.

This is an exciting time, the fabrication process, as theory becomes reality. Computer files and paperwork pass on to machinery and solid materials in the workshop, or final copy and images are uploaded into placeholder buckets on the web admin site. We now see all the parts and pieces lying in wait, while craftspeople start to work the puzzle into an organic form.

At last, we reach the installation process, that crowning stage when all the parts join together to form a cohesive, finished, beautiful signature project. Now you fully realize the vision that began as a flash of inspiration: that unique creation that draws in and asks for exploration and discovery, a moving through with a call to look, touch, listen and fully experience.

StructureCraft is pleased to have discovered and partnered with We Are Altitude for our new website. We have been well-guided by our web partner through the various stages of this project from concept to delivery. The early idea for this site was to combine visual appeal with interesting storytelling on an intuitive and navigable platform. Beyond a great look and feel, we wanted to answer your question: “Why, when and how do I work with StructureCraft?"

It is our hope that as you interact on the site, you will see the realization of our vision. We invite you to seek us out, interview us, learn why, when and how we can work together. We welcome the privilege of collaborating on the creation of your next signature structure.