Why Workshop?

Craft (the art of building something special) has traditionally been associated with the workshop. The master-builder has a vision in mind for what he wants to create, and takes all the necessary steps to ensure it is executed. In the context of large modern structures, we can never be alone in this, but instead offer our skills and facilities as a “workshop” for clients and architects to take advantage of in a collaborative, hands-on way. This could range from a full-service contribution on a signature structure or structural element, to developing a custom timber panel used for a variety of applications. We are interested in providing our services to help you develop project-specific solutions that meet your unique constraints.


While our focus is on providing custom design-build solutions, sometimes this means offering products which are elements in the building solution. As a result we have developed several ranges of products that we are able to offer as part of our suite of structural solutions.


As full-service design builders, we provide the greatest value to clients when engaged at the early stages of a project. We bring our experience to bear in the crucial concept stages, introducing ideas which can both enhance the architecture and lead to efficient structural solutions.